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Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse with Expert Strategies and Interventions

Learn How to Create a Safe and Healthy Environment for Your Children

Build your awareness , gain clarity , strengthen your skills and immunize your kids against child sexual abuse!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

This training is suitable for parents,would be parents, new parents,adults, counselors, teachers, educators, child rights activists, social activists or any adult who intends to understand the role of parents in creating a safe physical,psychological, social & home environment.

How much time will you need to invest?

This training will be spread in 2 parts  for a total 5 hours over 2 days on weekends 

Week 1 - Day 1 - will be 2.5 hours and

Week 2 - Day 2 - will be 2.5 hours.

What Parents will Learn?

Week 1 : PART 1 :

2 hours sessions and 30 mins Qs & Ans round. Total : 2.5 hours 

  1. CSA basics, myths and the scope of the problem
  2. Role of Adults and Caretakers as an answer to Prevention
  3. CSA gaps and loopholes that perpetrators misuse 
  4. Adult Morale Building & Accountability 
  5. Need for normalisation of CSA discussions 

Week 2 : PART 2 :

2 hours sessions and 30 mins Qs & Ans round . Total : 2.5 hours 

  1. Difficult Conversations & how to handle them [ age appropriate ] 
  2. CSA Prevention 101 rules  : Communication + Conduct + Courage + Confidence 
  3. How to respond if your child shares their CSA experience
  4. Building , Designing  SAFE SPACES VISIONBOIRD for your child 
  5. Networking with stakeholders to build SAFETY NETWORK  

What people are saying

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“ As a parent , attending this workshop has empowered me with insights that I would have ignored and repented later. This workshop has helped me build a strong connection with my daughter and difficult conversations seem not so impossible now. My daughter is now confident of my availability to listen to her concerns and I am confident of talking about Child Sexual abuse to all the people in my daughter’s life so they know that I am watching over my child. Thank you Nusrat !”

— John Doe

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“ I joined this workshop out of curiosity as a new parent. This has been a huge blessing. Its been 2 years since I delivered and my communication on body safety has already begun while changing diapers and I am no longer scared about this when I read CSA related news in media. I am confident, vigilant and informed as a parent now."

— Jass

Our Approach

  • Informative, Interesting & Skill Building approach
  • Real Life Case Studies, Experience & Example based
  • Customized as per the Family Climate Assessment of the participant group.
  • Immersive Learning Experience with evidence based approach
  • Cross Culturally sensitive