“It’s not that People done care. It is only that you never share”

Share your concerns. Ask a question. May be someone, somewhere is also going through the same situation. As parents, as humans we come across many psychological questions for which there are no ready-made answers. Also, not every time you can visit a Psychologist for clarifying all your concerns. I am here.

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Nusrat Khan

Nusrat Khan

Nusrat Khan a.k.a Rahat, is a Clinical Psychologist having 20+ years of Clinical Experience in conducting assessments and therapies for children, adults and families.

I specialize in using different therapies to treat children affected by mental, emotional and behavioral problems. I also specialize in relationship counseling, depression, mental health issues and severe cases like OCD, Schizophrenia, Suicidal tendencies.


I am also the founder of CACTUS FOUNDATION, a charity organization which creates awareness about STOP CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE.

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